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Leading Evangelist from Austria preaches in  Walsall

By Józef Łopuszyński

Evangeliser Thomas Paul preaching at St Thomas of Canterbury RC Church, Dartmouth Ave, WaslallOne of the world's leading lay Catholic evangelisers, Thomas Paul, was in Walsall at the weekend.

He was there to lead a three-day retreat for the Kerala Community at St Thomas RC Church in Dartmouth Avenue.

Saiju Thomas, one of the co-ordinators of the Walsall Kerala Catholic Community said, "It is a three-day Retreat which is in preparation for Easter.  We are actually observing the Lent Season now, so as part of it , every year,  we have the Annual Retreat, and all the Kerala Catholic people living in the Walsall area, we attend the retreat." 

Members of Walsall Kerala Community listen to preacher Thomas Paul"We have been doing this for many years and we have different sessions for adults and different sessions for children.  Mainly we have the sharing of the word of God and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and the day will be ending with the Adoration as well.”

Speaking of the evangeliser, One of the co-ordinators of the Lent retreat, Shyju JosephThomas Paul, Saiju Thomas continued, “Thomas Paul used to work as an engineer back in India many years ago, but since he experienced the love of God, he became so passionate then he gave up his job and he started working as an evangelist.

“Currently he is settled in Austria. He is a powerful speaker. He is one of the best lay evangelists in the world.  Through his ministry, thousands of people have come to know about Jesus.  He is one of the greatest missionaries in the Catholic Church today.”