Polish Forced Diasporas to be remembered 75 years on

Black Ribbon symbolising mourningLIVE! Watch the (Polish) Holy Mass IN MEMORIAM those Forcibly Deported from Poland to the Soviet Union and did not survive. 12:00 GMT today, Sunday 8th February. The webcam is on all day, so if you tune in earlier, you may catch a different Holy Mass

Sculpture in memory of those who lost theior lives in the forced diasporasThe night of February 9th/10th marks the 75th anniversary the first of five forced exoduses of people from Poland to the Soviet Union.

If they were “lucky”, the people were given just half an hour to collect all their belongings before being loaded into cattle trucks and transported to the Soviet Union. Many died in the process.

A special Holy Mass will take place in London at Midday on Sunday 8th February to remember these events. The venue is St Andrew Bobola Roman Catholic Polish Church, 1 Leysfield Road, London W12 9JF. Please come and support this commemoration.

A souvenir brochure is available and can be downloaded here.


Sculpture at St Andrew Bobola Church commemorating the various enforced transportations of Polish People to the Soviet Unio during World War IIThe transport of the people from Polish lands occupied by the Soviets to Russia took place in stages.

By 1945, from all those deported to Russia from Soviet occupied Poland, over 1,000,000 did not survive.

Requiem æternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis, requiescant in pace, Amen

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