Church Support for Family of Missing Fishing Trawler Crew

Catholic charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) has provided support to the family and relatives of crew members after their vessel vanished in rough seas in the English Channel on Wednesday (28th January).

The Belgian trawler, the Z85 Morgenster, went missing in the English Channel on Wednesday with four people on board.  During Thursday two bodies were recovered from the sea.

Fr. Dirk  DemaeghtFather Dirk Demaeght, AoS Chaplain Fisheries and the Belgian Costal Ports has been visiting families to provide support at this tragic time.

“They are still in a state of shock after what has happened. We will continue to visit them over the next few days and assist them in any way we can” said Father Demaeght.

Paul Glock, AoS Chaplain in Dover was aware of the incident from early on and was prepared to offer any assistance that may have been necessary.

“The incident is terribly sad and makes you realise how much these fishing crew really do need our support as you never know what may happen to them next.” said Paul.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the crew and family today” Paul added.

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