Bishop of Menevia Statement - Swansea "Double Discrimination"

The Bishop of Menevia, the Right Reverend Tom Burns, said today "We are standing up for children who are being discriminated against. They are not able to speak or vote for themselves.

Their parents wish to exercise their right to choose a faith school for the education of their children. Faith schools reliably follow national curricula, and contribute enormously to promoting the values of Church and society in this land. They also are leaders in academic standards, which are reflected favourably in Welsh national statistics.

The recent re-discovery of the three foundation principles of Magna Carta shows its emphasis on the presence of Church in Britain.

Church and Faith schools stand up especially for the poor and the deprived. They should be retained as beacons of excellence in our education world, instead of having their future threatened by Swansea's un-fare measures.

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