His Eminence Cardinal Burke to visit Ramsgate

Cardinal BurkeHis Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke will visit St Augustine’s on 9th March. He will celebrate Mass at 6.30pm.


Cardinal Burke resides in Rome and will be travelling to the Shrine of St Augustine which commemorates that other great evangelising Roman: St Augustine of Canterbury, Apostle of the English. The visit of the cardinal demonstrates the continuous link of the Catholic Church with the pope in Rome; St Augustine is known to have had strong relations with the pope who sent him to these shores, Pope Gregory the Great.

The Cardinal will celebrate a Votive Mass of St Augustine at the High Altar of the Shrine and preach. Mass will be sung by The Victoria Consort and will begin at 6.30pm.


Cardinal Burke is a co-author of the book Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church (Pictured left column)

Interactive Map

Please use the interactive maps below to help you find the Shrine. Clicking on the "pin" on the photo of the church (just to the right of "St Augustine's Rd") will open a full Google Map page from which you can get precise directions to the venue.


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