Christ the King Enthronement Act

Parishioners with their Parish Priest

During 2016 Poland marked the 1050th anniversary of its Baptism as a Catholic Nation.  As part of these celebrations, a special Act of Acceptance of Christ as King of Poland took place during the Solemnity of Christ the King at Lagiewniki, Krakow.  The Polish Bishops Conference requested that this special act also be carried out in all Churches both in and outside Poland.

At St Thomas’s R.C. Church, Walsall, this Act was carried out after the regular 12:30 p.m. Sunday Polish Mass, by Father Ireneusz Maraszkiewicz, Parish Priest of the Local Polish Catholic Mission for Walsall and West Bromwich, with particular prayers, Benediction, and the singing of the “Te Deum.”

Father Maraszkiewicz said, “On the last Sunday of the annual liturgical cycle in which we experience the most important mysteries of our Faith, there is always a celebration with the highly accented truth about Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.  He is the Lord and Ruler of all creation.”

“This year’s celebration had the added characteristic that it concluded the Year of Mercy in the Roman Catholic Church.”

“In addition, in Poland, in the Jubilee Act of Accepting Jesus Christ as our King and Lord, the whole nation has shown its readiness to be led by this Truth in their community and personal lives.”

 “Jesus Christ is the source of our decisions and action in every situation.”

 “Only He is our Authority and the light of our consciousness.”

 “We serve only Him and to Him we give our honour.”

“It was therefore fitting that we had the ceremonial singing of the thanksgiving hymn to God [Te Deum] for His merciful love through Christ, with Christ and in Christ.”

Parishioners are seen here with Father Maraszkiewicz after the Act of Acceptance.