KEP Appeal - Pray for the Canonisation of Father Popiełuszko

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Bishop MizinskiThe Secretary General of the Polish Episcopal Conference (KEP) Bishop Artur Miziński has urged everyone to pray for the Canonisation of Blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko who was murdered by the State Secret Police 33 years ago today.  (At that time Poland was not a free country, being under the rule of the Communists.)

Father Popiełuszko was Beatified in June 6th, 2010, during Holy Mass at Piłsudski Square, Warszawa.

Father popieluszko"It is worth today recalling the words of St Paul that Father Popiełuszko often quoted - evil is overcome with good. This message is relevant even today, and must be remembered,” said Bishop Miziński.

He added that the witness of life and martyrdom of Father Popiełuszko is evidence that hatred leads not to victory, but to defeat.

“He did not fight against anyone  - he helped people, he sacrificed his health and life for them.”

“Eventually, those who persecuted him were defeated, the communist system collapsed and Poland became free,” stressed the Secretary General of the Polish Episcopate.

Bishop MizinskiHe also reminded everyone that Father Popiełuszko in his pastoral work cared for all people regardless of their education or views.

F“His Holy Masses for the Nation attracted large crowds , including  people  not generally associated with the church.”

Father Popieluszko with Crowds“From the homilies of Father Popiełuszko flowed hope of freedom, reassurance, and Christian consolation for those persecuted by the Communist authorities and for their families.

Bishop Miziński also emphasised that Pope John Paul II (later Saint) and Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) prayed at the the grave of Father Popiełuszko.