You CAN celebrate Saint Peter & Paul this MONDAY in England & Wales

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If you would like to attend Holy Mass of St Peter & St Paul in England & Wales, then there is a way to do this that is in total conformity with the Holy See.

According to the 1962 Missal (Tridentine Rite) the various Feasts of the Holy Days of Obligation in force at that time remain on the same days. However, the "Obligation" part of the Feast is transferred to Sunday in England & Wales.

Click here to find out if there is a Tridentine Rite Mass for St Peter & St Paul on Monday in your area. All Masses as listed in the download are fully licit and are as authorised by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI

On this site, we hope to regularly include details of Holy Day Masses in England & Wales which are being celebrated on the "correct" day. Details will be posted nearer to the date of each Holy Day.

The list is available on this site by kind permission of the Latin Mass Society.

An Alternative Solution

If you would wish to be at the Holy Mass of St Peter & St Paul on Monday, but can't find a church near you offering this, then just go along to the usual New Rite (English) weekday Mass, and let the priest know that you have come because traditionally - and at the Vatican - Monday is a Holy Day of Obligation.

Note "SSPX" Tridentine Masses ARE NOT LICIT, so be careful under what auspices the Tridentine Mass is being said.